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EU-FP7-iMARS: analysis of Mars multi-resolution images using auto-coregistration, data mining and crowd source techniques: A Status Report
Jan-Peter Muller
 DPS/EPSC  10/2016
Better the Martian you know? Trust in the crowd vs. trust in the machine when using a Martian Citizen Science platform
 James Sprinks
 DPS/EPSC 10/2016
 Mars in Motion: An online Citizen Science platform looking for changes on the surface of Mars
 James Sprinks  DPS/EPSC  10/2016
IR spectral mapping of the Martian South Polar residual cap using CRISM
 Jacqueline Campbell
 DPS/EPSC 10/2016
The investigation  of active Martian dune fields using very high resolution photogrammetric measurements
 Jung-Rack Kim
 DPS/EPSC 10/2016
Analysis of Dark Slope Streaks on Mars based on Multitemporal Imagery and Digital Elevation Model derived from HRSC Data
 Bjorn Schreiner
 DPS/EPSC 10/2016
Super-resolution restoration applied to the characterisation of dynamic surface changes on the Martian surface
 Yu Tao
 DPS/EPSC 10/2016
Automatic detection of surface changes on Mars - a status report
 Panagiotis Sidiropoulos
 DPS/EPSC 10/2016
Properties of the Medussae Fossae Formation as seen by the MARSIS radar
 Anton B. Ivanov
 DPS/EPSC 10/2016
Frequency of block displacements at the north pole of Mars based on HiRISE images
 Lida Fanara
 DPS/EPSC 10/2016
FP7-iMars: Analysis of Mars Multi-Resolution Images using Auto-Coregistration, Data Mining and Crowd Source Techniques: One year on with a focus on auto-DTM, auto-coregistration and citizen science Muller, J.-P., Sidiropoulos, P., Yershov, V., Gwinner, K., van Gasselt, S., Walter, S., Ivanov, A., Morley, J., Sprinks, J., Houghton, R., Bamford, S., and Jungrack Kim EGU 04/2015
Coregistration of high-resolution Mars orbital images Sidiropoulos P., Muller J.‐P. EGU 04/2015
 MarsExpress High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) Multi-orbit Data Products: Methodology, Mapping Concepts and Performance for the first Quadrangle (MC11-E)
Klaus Gwinner, Ralf Jaumann, and the HRSC Co-Investigator Team Global Topography and Mosaic Generation Task Group Team
 EGU  2015
European Geospatial Image Understanding Tools for Mars Exploration Muller J.‐P., Tao Y., Sidiropoulos P., Yershov V., Morley J.G., Sprinks J., Paar G., Huber B., BauerA., Willner K., Traxler C. LPI 07/2014
EU-FP7-iMars: Analysis of Mars Multi-Resolution Images using Auto-Coregistration, Data Mining and Crowd Source Techniques: an overview and a request for scientific inputs.  Muller, J.-P., Gwinner, K., van Gasselt, S., Ivanov, A., Morley, J., Houghton, R., Bamford, S., Yershov, V., Sidiropoulos, P., and Jungrack Kim  EGU  05/2014
Identifying candidate temporal changes on Mars through image matching Sidiropoulos P., Muller J.‐P.  EGU 04/2014
Analysis of Martian coverage with high-resolution image mapping products Sidiropoulos P., Muller J.‐P. EUROPLANETS 04/2014
The iMars WebGIS: A Central Hub for Displaying and Distributing Co‐Registered Data of Mars, 2014 van Gasselt S., Morley J., Houghton R., Bamford S., Ivanov A., Muller J.‐P., Yershov V.,Sidiripoulos P., Gwinner K., Waehlisch M., Kim J.R. EUROPLANETS 04/2014
EU-FP7-iMars: Analysis of Mars Multi- Resolution Images using Auto-Coregistration, Data Mining and Crowd Source Techniques Ivanov A., Oberst J., Yershov V., Muller J.-P., Kim J.-R., Gwinner K., Van Gasselt S., Morley J.,Houghton R., Bamford S., Sidiropoulos P.  COSPAR 00/2014
Assessment of Digital Terrain Model algorithms for the development of a massive processing system for all high-resolution stereo images of Mars from CTX and HiRISE Yershov V., Ivanov A., Muller J.-P., Tao Y., Poole W., Kim J.-R., Sidiropoulos P. COSPAR 00/2014
Future Mass Production of Martian Topographic Data from High Resolution NASA and ESA Orbiting Images: Status of the iMars Stereo Processing System Assessments Jungrack Kim, Jan‐Peter Muller, Juergen Oberst  AOGS 2014